With over 20 years of specialized experience in the biometrics sector, our team of experts brings unparalleled depth of knowledge to our partnerships. From development to deployment, Biometriya offers a comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions tailored to the specific demands of digital identity management, border control, Travel, law enforcement, KYC processes, labor management, and more.

Biometriya provides and empowers the market with the latest biometric solutions for the best price offered in-house or partnered with AI learning biometric solutions that are right for you, brought straight to your doorstep.

Our values include providing you accessibility, leading-edge technology, reduced supply chain cost, best-in-breed software and hardware, and so much more. Biometriya is an obvious choice for any enterprise interested in saffer, connected and better productivity dedicated to digital identity solutions.


A leading-edge facial & IRIS identity solution for diverse applications like Critical infrastructure, Border Control, National Identity programs, and frictionless throughput access control...

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BMB One is versatile mobile platform for verification and authentication of citizen identity by using state-of- the art biometric and automatic data capture technologies...

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Biometria Arno enables high performance multimodal biometrics and document identity in a uniquely compact form factor, delivering iris, fingerprint, face passport, ID Cards enrollment and Identification...

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The Biometriya Multi-Biometric Tablet 20 (BMBT 20) utilized leading edge sensors for high quality biometric capture to ID card data acquisition in a wide variety of environmental condition...

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The unique BIOMETRIYA multi biometric tablet BMBT 3.0 utilizes the best, cutting-edge sensors to capture high quality biometric input, fingerprint, iris, face, contact and contactless card for identification and verification in various outdoor environments...

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A leading-edge facial & iris identity solution for diverse applications like critical infrastructure, border control, national identity programs, and frictionless throughput access control...

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FacePass has completely reimagined physical access. A leading-edge facial identity solution for diverse applications like HRM, access control, frictionless throughput access control, and passenger clearance at checkpoints...

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